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Lurking Gods


Anna, a young lady that lost her family in a tragic shipwreck, is trapped in a three-quarters immerged temple.

Immersed in the middle of a fascinating underwater fauna, she will unveil the worrying and ancestral side of the place as well as the colossal beings that lurk in its depths...

Progress 53% (budget 53%)

Main key features:
A dreamlike underwater adventure shaped as a rite of passage.
A set of moves that emphases dodging and acceleration.
A mystical armor full of abilities to recover piece by piece.
A very diverse and sometimes dangerous underwater fauna.
An animated movie-like Art direction.
Confrontations with colossal and frightening creatures.
Miles to explore within more than 40 underwater chambers.
Out of water phases full of mystery.
Multiple traps to avoid and problems to solve.
A striking processing that helps feel Anna’s emotions.
A scenery that offers several research paths.