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The Wild Games,

The Wild Games is firstly an indie game developper studio of one man that I founded in May 2012 after 10 years spent working in video games as a Game Designer and Lead Level Designer.

Here, I make most things:
  • Conception,
  • Graphics,
  • Code,
  • Website
  • ...

Michael "NamInUz" Mavros

The Team,

I'm assisted when necessary by:
  • Cleveland Blesoe Jr & Alexis « EXL » Mishler for the sound.
  • Yann Florian & Vincent Liegeard have also helped during their internships and then as occasional collaborators to several projects progression.

  • Finaly, Shiao Wang a childhood friend helped me during the first months with communication.


Here are our fields of expertise

Video Games

Board Games


3D Print


Web Design

And our engines and distributors

App Store

Play Store

Windows Store


If you like our work, you may contact us

Or by email at