Happy New Year!

We're happy to wish you a great new year!

And, as first news, here is the final name of the Anna Hunt project:

Lurking Gods.

We hope that you like it.

We wish you good health and see you very soon,
2017/01/01, Mic


We're still making progress on Anna Hunt but there are some additional tasks that take us some time.

Furthermore, were working from time to time on our other games' prototypes. Here is, by the way, a research on our project Bruised Angels.

See you soon,

2016/11/21, Mic


Hi there!

We'll try to increase the pace of the news, but no promise here ^^

Meanwhile, here is a peek on our current work on the animations.

Have a nice day!

2016/10/11, Mic

Doing well

Another long period without news, but the project is going well.

Here is a little WIP on armor parts that Anna could acquire during her epic adventure to ease her progression and to access new areas of the temple.

2016/08/02, Mic


Sorry it's been a while since our last news...

We're still working on Anna Hunt, mostly on the inner part of the temple.
Here is a little peek on our late work.

2016/04/20, Mic

New Collaborator!

We're proud to announce that, after successful internship, Yann Florian is now part of the team.

He works mainly on the Level Design and can also be helpful from time to time on the sound.

2016/02/23, Mic

Happy New Year!

Happy and fruitful new year, and succeed at everything you try!

Here is a small capture from Anna Hunt wip, we're still working hard to improve everything and finish the game.

2016/01/01, Mic

3D Print!


We're proud to share with you that we've just finished to build our own 3D printer!

Few figurines may appear in the near future.

2015/12/15, Mic

Working on assets

Right now we're working on visual assets to prepare a short teaser.

We hope to have something to show within a few weeks...

2015/11/11, Mic

Submarine Monsters!

Here comes the big announcement after quite a while:

- To get through the twists and turns of the temple where shes trapped, Anna will need to face terrific and colossal monsters in Dantesque submarine confrontations.

2015/10/08, Mic

Incoming News

Here is a small teasing on what is incoming soon on Anna Hunt.

Do you see anything suspicious?

2015/09/07, Mic


No this is not about Warhammer 40k, it's Chickens Soccer.

We're proud to announce that we've reached 40 000 players!

A big thanks to you !!

2015/06/11, Mic

Lurking in shadows

In Anna Hunt there will also be some unnatural beasts

Here is a new illustration that unveil a part of the present mysteries.

2015/05/20, Mic

Anna Hunt's Maze

This is the current map of the temple that Anna will need to explore.

And the side of the map is larger than a km ^^

2015/04/21, Mic

Anna Hunt Wildlife

Here is a peek at Anna Hunt wildlife.

2015/03/23, Mic


During her journey, Anna will encounter numerous fishes like this big manta ray.

2015/03/20, Mic

Danger around the Corner

In Anna Hunt there will be plenty of dangers...
And death could await you around the next corner.

Currently we're working on level improvements and we're adding some content.

2015/03/09, Mic

Diving in the Unknown

In the Mysterious Temple where she's trapped,

Anna will face numerous questions that she will have to solve in the course of her adventure.

2015/02/06, Mic


In Anna Hunt you'll spend most of your time underwater!

You'll need to find some air, find ways to go through obstacles and avoid lurking dangers ...

2015/01/09, Mic

Chickens Soccer Haircuts

Merry Christmas, happy New Years!!

And here is our Gift, a whole new update of Chickens Soccer : Haircuts

Because Haircuts do matter in Soccer!

It's available on
Windows Phone et Android.

2014/12/27, Mic

A Mysterious Temple

Here is a 2nd screenshot from Anna Hunt.

A first hint:

- The game will be entirely in 3D and you'll play Anna, a young explorer trapped in a mysterious temple.

2014/12/12, Mic

Anna Hunt

It's official, pour next game will be Anna Hunt !

It will be available in few weeks.

We will publish more informations about it soon.

2014/11/27, Mic

Twitter 4K

Thanks to all our followers, you are now more than 4 000 to follow our tweets !

2014/10/11, Mic

Chickens Soccer Arcade Edition

That's it, the new version of Chickens Soccer is available!

It introduces arcade controls!
Try this whole new way to play and all the numerous improvements!

It's available here for android

Here for Windows Phone

And soon on iOs

2014/10/02, Mic

House of the Fox

We've added some new shirts in our shop.

You may take a look

2014/08/11, Mic

A quick Teaser


We're working on some small projects before resuming our work on
Last Hero, here is a small peek.

2014/08/08, Mic

Chickens Soccer on iOS!

As you may have noticed, Chickens Soccer has been released on iPad, iPod and iPhone!

You may
grab it here.

2014/07/02, Mic

35 000 players!

That's it, we've reached 35 000 players on Chickens Soccer!

Thanks to all of you and welcome to our new gamers.

2014/06/19, Mic

Chicken Soccer World Cup!

This is it! Chickens Soccer World Cup has just been released with a tons of new features!

It's available on on Android and Windows Phone, and it will be soon on iOs.

2014/06/12, Mic

Bem-Vindo Jose Adailton!

We're proud to announce that Jose Adailton will be our ambassador for our next Chickens Soccer!

For those who don't know him, he has won the World Cup with Brazilian U-20.

2014/05/29, Mic

Big Incoming Event

We're working hard on new version of Chickens Soccer for a big incoming event...

Obviously We'll resume our work on Last Hero later

2014/05/12, Mic

More work?

We're currently working on several maps to validate our sceneries for Last Hero.

2014/04/17, Mic

A quick teaser

Here is a small teaser on one of our potential future project.

2014/04/08, Mic

Strategic Map

Among other things, We're currently working on Last Hero Strategical Map.

It will bring a new strategy dimension to the game between missions ^^.

2014/04/05, Mic

Armory update

Some new weapons just arrived Last Hero arsenal.

Many more are to come ^^

2014/03/27, Mic

2 Players Baby!

Hi There,

We're currently working on the 2 players game mode for
Last Hero, here is a little screen:

2014/03/17, Mic

Driving system

Here is a quick peek at our tests on Last Hero Driving System.

2014/02/26, Mic

Yes We Can

We're currently working on our choppers for Last Hero, because yes there will be choppers in Last Hero!

Here is a first screenshot.

2014/02/12, Mic

30k players

That's it, we've reached 30 000 players on Chickens Soccer!!!

Thanks a lot we'll keep improving Chickens Soccer 2.

2014/02/10, Mic

Last Hero in Progress

Last Hero is going well, after the stealth system and the strategic map, we're currently working on the driving system.

Here are few vehicles you may drive in the game.

2014/01/30, Mic

Brand new website!

Happy new year!
We're proud to offer you our new website for 2014.

We hope that you'll enjoy it, it has been streamlined and has much more content as you'll see.

2014/01/06, Mic

Chickens Socccer 2! Merry Christmas!!

For the current celebrations we're happy to announce the release of Chickens Soccer 2!!
We also offer it is as a free upgrade for all the current Chickens Soccer players!!

The Main improvement is that you now have a team-mate, that gives you 2 vs 2 games which add a whole new strategic dimension into the game!

Have fun :D

2013/12/30, Mic

Last Hero 1st screenshot!

Here is the first highly anticipated first screenshot of Last Hero!

Still a tremendous work to do though.

2013/12/13, Mic

25 000

We're proud to announce that we've reached 25 000 players on Chickens Soccer!

And we're working on a surprise for Christmas ^^

2013/12/07, Mic

Last Hero News

That's it, we now have a playable level even if it's still far from a demo version. Here are some of the latest data we're working on

2013/11/30, Mic


We've reached 20k players for Chickens Soccer!!

Thanks a lot!!

2013/10/04, Mic

A nice twitter grid

We're starting to have a nice Grid on Twitter, have a peek ^^

2013/09/25, Mic

Chickens Soccer u1.9

We're delighted to announce Chickens Soccer 9th content update.

It adds 20 new challenges and few improvements on Android and Windows Phone.

2013/09/10, Mic


Here is a small peek at what we're working on, things are slowly taking shape

2013/09/06, Mic

15 000th player reached!

We're glad to announce that we've reached 15 000 players on Chickens Soccer. Thanks to all of you!

2013/08/09, Mic

Chickens Soccer 8th update

The 8th update for Chickens Soccer is available on Windows Phone with 2 new fields and many improvements.

2013/06/18, Mic

10 000th player reached!

We're proud to announce that we've just reached our 10 000th player on Chickens Soccer.

2013/04/25, Mic

Last Hero Mockup

We're working on Last Hero Mockup and on the overall design.

2013/04/08, Mic

The Battle of the Kings figurines

Our first 3D prints for our board game The Battle of the kings just arrived. they're so nice ^^

2013/03/29, Mic

Chickens Soccer u7

Chickens Soccer 7th update "Young blood" is available on Windows Phone

2013/03/08, Mic

Website update

As you may have seen we've updated our website with more infos on our current projects in the games section

2013/02/13, Mic

Lovely geekettes

We're proud to be on the cover of the lovely Geekette & Cie

2013/02/01, Mic

Chickens Soccer, Lite version

Chickens Soccer is now available in its light & free version on android devices. You can download it here.

2013/01/20, Mic

Happy new Year!!

We have many projects running and we will keep the hard work to fulfill as many as possible. A big thanks for your support during the last year.

2013/01/01, Mic

Chickens Soccer 6th update

The 6th update of Chickens Soccer is available with an improved interface and some scrolling features ^^

2012/12/24, Mic

Our first validated prototype!

We've validated one of our board projects :D. Now we'll work, between our other projects, on the best way to publish it.

It's a 2 players to 3 players strategy game in a medieval fantasy context.

Here is a small peek:

2012/12/10, Mic

Board games

We're currently working on several board games, here'is a small teaser for one of this projects.

2012/11/26, Mic

Chickens Soccer Beta on iOS

After few weeks of hard labor, Chickens Soccer is now in its beta stage on iOS :D

2012/10/24, Mic

5th Update on Chicken Soccer

We're pround to annouce that the 5th update for chickens soccer is available on Windows Phone and Android still for free ^^.

2012/10/11, Mic

A quick update

We're actively porting Chickens Soccer on iOS, it should be ready in few weeks.

We've also streamlined our logo and our website a little ^^

2012/09/18, Mic

Improvement on WP Chickens Soccer

As players had asked, we've added a trial version and we've improved the way we handle players' playlist ingame on Windows Phones.

2012/08/27, Mic

New Websites!

Our new websites are online for the main site and Chickens Soccer.
We hope that you'll enjoy them.

2012/08/07, Mic

4th update for our beloved first game ^^

The 4th Content update will be downloadable soon on android devices and windows phone.

2012/08/04, Mic

The Wild Games new logo

We've upgraded our logo, the final version is now on the website ^^

2012/07/24, Mic

The Wild Games on Mac: Funded!

Big thanks to our funders!! We'll be able to make our games on apple devices thanks to your support. Be ensured that you'll have our everlasting gratitude.

2012/07/17, Mic

Chickens Soccer Update 3

You will have soon the 3rd free content update available on your windows and android market, enjoy ^^
You can find a quick summary

2012/07/05, Mic

Chickens soccer Content Update 2

The second free content update for Chickens Soccer is on air, it will be available soon on your smartphone and tablet. A summary is available here.

2012/06/26, Mic

The Wild Games on Mac, crowdfunding

We've just started a crowdfunding project on Ulule to be able to develop on Mac. Go take a look ^^

2012/06/20, Mic

Chickens Soccer 1st content patch!

Chickens Soccer 1st content patch has been sent, it will be available in few hours on android and in few days on windows phone. You can find its content here.

2012/06/15, Mic

Chickens Soccer is released!

Chickens Soccer has just been released on Android devices and Windows Phone. You can play it between two Euro 2012 Football matches.

2012/06/08, Mic

Chickens Soccer website is online

The Chickens Soccer website has been set online, we hope that it will please you ^^

2012/06/07, Mic

Chickens Soccer will be available on...

Chickens Soccer will be available on Windows Phone and ... on Android. We\'re currently porting it to all Android devices :D

2012/05/30, Mic

Our first game is Chickens Soccer!

Our first game will be Chickens Soccer, a colorful and dynamic game where chickens face each other in a soccer game. The first prototype is working on Windows Phone.

2012/05/22, Mic

Website update

Hi, here is a quick update. The first of a few

2012/05/15, Mic

The Wild Games on the Wild!

Hello, we\'re a new indie game studio and here is our website. You\'ll soon have some news about our first game.

2012/05/10, Mic